Blue Haze Choppers

The Blue Haze Choppers was founded in December 2007. We are a motorized mini chopper group affiliated with Tebala Shrine which is a subset of the Freemasons. All Shriners are Masons, but not all Masons are Shriners. Blue Haze Choppers members appear in roughly eight parades from Memorial Day until the middle of October. We perform several different maneuvers and formations along the parade route to the delight of the crowd. Seeing grown men on a mini chopper that was intended to be used by a child brings a smile to the face of everyone in the crowd. It is very common to hear from children to parents and grandparents wanting to know how they can get a bike like ours.

We also participate in other events throughout the year as a means of raising funds for and increasing public awareness of Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Shriner’s Hospital is 1 of 22 hospitals across the United States, Mexico, and Canada that the Shriners raise funds for. Blue Haze Choppers has also raised over $15,000.00 dollars for the Transportation Fund. The Transportation Fund helps pay the cost to drive patients and their families to and from the Chicago hospital at no cost to the family.

Membership in the Blue Haze Choppers is open to all Shriners.  Members purchase their own uniforms and choppers. Membership in the Choppers is open to all Shriners. If you are interested in joining, please call President Todd Roberts 815-979-3632 or
Send an EMail

To find out about having the Choppers appear in your parade or event, please contact parade coordinator Brian Buza 815-973-4755 or contact us online here.

Todd Roberts–President Brian Buza-Vice President Todd Kovaleski-Secretary  Tom Whitaker-Treasurer
Joe Blanchard-Club  Advisor Joe Lopez-Club Advisor