Tebala Shrine Big Wheels

of  Rockford  ILL.


Tebala “Big Wheels” is a Parade Unit of  Tebala Temple, Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (“A.A.O.N.M.S”  more commonly known as “the Shriners.”) The Unit Appears in Parades throughout the U.S.A. and  During the Summer Participates  Almost Weekly. Each Parade Involves 3 or More Riders, Each of Whom  Owns his Own “BigWheel Bike”  These Bikes are Reproductions of  the 1890s, also known as “High-Wheels”–“Bone Shakers”–“Ordinaries” — “Penny  Farthings.”

Funds  Raised  from  Parades  By  the  Unit  are  Donated  to  the  Chicago Shriner’s  Hospital  for  Children.

        “Riding To Help Children Walk

The Tebala Shrine Big Wheels ride antique and replicas of late 1800’s bicycles,

performing maneuvers in parades and other appearances.

If you are a Shriner interested in joining our group,

or would like us to appear at a future event,

contact Bill Owens at 847.788.9727 or bill62@sbcglobal.net