Tebala Sportsman’s Raffle

6th Annual Sportsman’s Raffle

Saturday, November 27, 2021 ~ Noon ~  Doors Open @ 11:00 a.m.

Tebala Event Center   7910 Newburg Rd., Rockford, Illinois 61108 1-815-332-2010


Winners will be notified and must pay all taxes incurred. Drawing order of prizes subject to change.

Picture of raffle attendees may appear in Tebala Shriners publications.  All gift cards issued by  BASS PRO SHOPS /  CABELA’S may be used towards any item in store.

Proceeds are For the Benefit of Tebala Shriners and are Not Deductible as a Charitable Contribution.

Last Draw –  Thompson/Center Performance LRR Bolt-Action .308 Win Rifle

Tickets $20.00

Food and Refreshments Available

Must be 18 years old to purchase tickets. Illinois residents must have a valid FOID card to receive firearms. You must have a ticket to receive food & beverage.

WINNERS November 27, 2021

Raffle #DescriptionValueWinner
1Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II Rifle $800.00 Gary Bucciferro 
2Leopold Marksman Binoculars $200.00 Mark Stasell 
3 SOG Seal XR Folding Knife $180.00 Mark Znicer 
4 Centerpoint Sniper XT390 Crossbow $280.00 Brad Belanger 
5Ruger PC Carbin 9mm $550.00 Paul Kloceck 
6Winchester SXP Marine Defender 12 ga $380.00 Erik Jacobson 
7Daiwa Procyon AL Spinning Reel $180.00 Shawn Marshall 
8 G Loomis Steelhead Float Spinning Rod $300.00 Jake Fitzgerald 
99.   Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS $250.00 Larry Zammoto 
10Diamond by Bowtech Edge 320 RAK Bow $430.00 Pat Ryan 
11Kimber Micro 9mm Pistol $550.00 James Taylor 
12Spyderco Native S Folding Knife $135.00 Craig Manley  
13ROVR Roller 60 Quart Cooler $400.00 Jeff Celletti 
14Masterbuilt Adventure MES 130s Smoker $230.00 Mike Rice 
15Remington 1911R1 45 ACP Pistol $700.00 T. Yeno 
16Hummingbird ICE-45 Portable Fish Finder $430.00 Gil Pena 
17Winchester XPR .243 Win Bolt Action Rifle $479.00 Jack Barnes 
18Cabela’s Intensity HD Spotting Scope $350.00 Bill Robertson 
19Ruger American 9mm Pistol $500.00 Nelson Haka 
20Glock 43X Sub-compact 9mm Pistol $   530.00 Ronnie Obara 
21 Cabela’s Multi-Day Hunting Backpack $220.00 Mike Darbro 
22Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Rangefinder $300.00 Amanda Nguyen 
23Tops Knives Desert Nomad Knife $180.00 Linda Jacobson 
24Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Crossbow $400.00 Norm Oehler 
25St. Croix Avid Pearl Trigger Rod $240.00 Mike Schoening 
26Weatherby SA-08 Semi-Automatic 12 ga $500.00 Shellee Oellig 
27Bear Archery Species RTH Compound Bow $400.00 Larry Margis 
28Sig Sauer P32-M18 Pistol 9mm $600.00 Dan Hartman 
29Taurus Judge Public Defender Revolver $420.00 Roy Amenda 
30FN 503 9mm Pistol $500.00 Sandra Chasm 
31Browning Buckmark Field/Target Micro .22 LR $330.00 Sally Burrows 
32Penn Slammer III Spinning Rod $250.00 Dan Crawford 
33Benelli Super Nova Tactical 12 ga $480.00 Eric Stuart 
34Sig Sauer P365XL 9mm Pistol $650.00 Doug Burrows 
35H&K VP 5K Pistol 9mm $650.00 L. Williams 
36Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Pistol 9mm $500.00 Charles Ford 
37YETI Tundra 105 Cooler $480.00 LPSC 
38Shimano Aldebaran Baitcast Reel $300.00 Deb Bush 
39Cabela’s Alaskan Guide 119 Knife $180.00 Richard Linianfelger 
405.11 Tactical Rush 100 60 Liter Backpack $250.00 Austin Deskins 
41Savage 25 Walking Varminter .223 Remington Rifle $579.00 Roger James 
42Ascend FS10 Angler Kayak $450.00 Dave Tabiz 
43Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Bolt Action .308 Winchester Rifle $1,200.00 Seth M Bowling 
  1. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II Rifle
  2. Leupold Marksman Binoculars
  3. SOG Seal XR Folding Knife
  4. Centerpoint Sniper XT390 Crossbow
  5. Ruger PC Carbine 9mm
  6. Winchester SXP Marine Defender 12 ga Shotgun
  7. Daiwa Procyon AL Spinning Reel
  8. G.Loomis Steelhead Floate Spinning Rod
  9. Garmin GSMAP 64st GPS
  10. Diamond by Bowtech Edged 320 RAK Bow
  11. Kimber Micro 9 9mm PIstol
  12. Spyderco Native 5 Folding Knife
  13. ROVR Rollr 60qt Cooler
  14. Masterbuilt adventure MES 130s Smoker
  15. Remington 1911R1 .45 Pistol
  16. Hummingbird ICE-45 Portable Fish Finder
  17. Winchester XPR .243 Win Bolt-Action Rifle
  18. Cabela’s Intensity HD Spotting Scope
  19. Ruger American 9mm Pistol
  20. Glock 43X sub-compact 9mm Pistol
  21. Cabela’s Multi Day Hunting Backpack
  22. Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Rangefinder
  23. Tops Knives Desert Nomad Knife
  24. Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Crossbow
  25. St Croix Avid Pearl Trigger Rod
  26. Weatherby SA-08 semi-auto 12ga
  27. Bear Archery Species RTH Compound Bow
  28. Sig Sauer P32-M18 Pistol 9mm
  29. Taurus Judge Public Defender Revolver
  30. FN 503 9mm Pistol
  31. Browning Buckmark Field/Target Micro .22lr
  32. Penn Slammer III Spinning Rod
  33. Benelli Super Nova Tactical 12ga
  34. Sig Sauer P365 XL 9mm Pistol
  35. H&K VP9SK 9mm Pistol
  36. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Pistol
  37. YETI Tundra 105 Cooler
  38. Shimano Aldebaran Baitcast Reel
  39. Cabela’s Alaskan Guide 119 Knife
  40. 5.11 Tactical Rush 100 60l Backpack
  41. Savage 25 Walking Varmiter .223 Rem Rifle
  42. Ascend FS10 Angler Kayak
  43. Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Bolt-Action .308 Win Rifle

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